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Speaking of energy independence, I couldn't help but notice the wind turbines on the cover of the 12th edition of the Economic Way of Thinking.

Is this your way of affiliating the book with the "glamor" of wind power? (A la Virginia Postrel's observation of same - see http://www.deepglamour.net/deep_glamour/2008/08/the-future-is-a.html .)

Good catch Mike. We don't have that sort of control over design and marketing.

Whatever might sell to get the book in the hands of students --- but perhaps that cover could also generate a great conversation in the class related to trade-offs (one of the core themes of the book).

Check out WS Jevons on different energies (and conservation) here: http://www.masterresource.org/2009/12/classical-energy-thinking-right-on-renewables-intermittency-not-so-right-on-fossil-fuels-coming-exhaustion/

His wisdom from 1865 applies to energy policy today.

None of the turmoil that routinely attends film-star existence ever seemed to visit the Astaire household.

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