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Great lecture!

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"The earlier knowledge was not cummulating" (15:00 into the lecture)

Ostrom points out that the academic community incentivized researchers crank out thousands of detailed studies -- which no one read, and which no sought to think about at a global level of theorizing.

No one did global thinking about this research across disciplines until researchers were paid by the National Research Council to do so.

Incentives matter -- even in academia.

From Olstrom's PowerPoint:

"Earlier Knowledge of Self-Organization did not Cumulate"

(15:00 in the lecture)

I note that Ostrom puts _learning_ right at the core of her causal explanation, e.g. learning trust and norms over time.

This exactly fits my account of Hayek's explanatory framework -- problems of order causally explained by learning, with the learning of rules of conduct and learning about local conditions as part of that (e.g. learning about who is reputable, and others learning about your own reputation).

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Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.

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