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A wise mother only assuming wisdom has nothing to do with the soul. If my daughter could make a million dollars a year as a lobbyist, I would recommend, assuming she was lobbying for special privileges for her client, that she not. I think that makes me a wise father.

To second David's comment about not selling one's soul for a million dollars through the method of political plunder, the following is from a talk that Ludwig von Mises delivered in 1943:

"It is a thankless job indeed to express such radical and 'subversive' opinions [as advocacy of free trade, laissez-faire, and free migration], and to incur the hatred of all supporters of the old system [of privilege and favors from the state] which has amply proved its inexpediency.

"But it is not the duty of the economist to be fashionable and popular; he has to be right. Those timid souls who fear challenging spurious doctrines and superstitions because they have the support of influential circles will never improve conditions. Let them call us 'orthodox'; it is better to be an intransigent orthodox than an opportunist time-server."

We should use such words as our motto at political times such as those through which we are living.

Richard Ebeling

Dr. Ebeling,

Thank you for the quote. As someone who appreciates the value of the heroic entrepreneur, this quote offers a concise definition of that view.

The "Doctor" story was a metaphor for less irrational times, not a call to arms to seek the highest form of gain regardless of activity.

Having said that, we will get more lobbyists because the slant of the playing table will roll the marbles in that direction.

Politicians, like all beings, seek their own advantage on average. Somehow, we have created a system in which it is to their advantage to create these monstrosity laws. It is not sufficient to think them stupid or venal (it may not even be correct) as the reason this happens.

But when you get a result, like we have now, it is similar to "compound interest"---its something that has been built over a long period of time. How did we let "this" happen and why did we ever think "it" was a good idea?

We got suckered into the Marxist morality play, inch by inch.

There is an article up on the Chronicle of Higher Education that declares those who oppose the healthcare bill are the "I've got mine" crowd. Sigh. I give up.

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