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I take it there's no trip of Europe coming up...

Replace trip with tour.

Will any of your talks given be online?

None of them will be streamed, but the GMU one in December will be on the web afterward at the Future of Freedom Foundation site. And a version of the recession talk that I gave on Oct. 24 is also now an online video - I'll add the link to the post above.

European tours are expensive and the new CD hasn't sold very well there... we'd have to bring the whole fancy stage show for a full tour. It's just not worth it. ;)


And there really should be an European tour. I know an Austrian-minded institute in Belgium that is trying to organize stuff like this, but they lack the funds.

And that really is a weird angle. :p

If they find the money, my bags are packed.

A European tour would be great!

As for the CD not selling well, I can't imagine "The Austrian Economist" really resonates with the younger generations.

Then again, internet piracy shouldn't be such a big deal for you guys...

You would have opportunities in Germany as well. Freiburg, for instance, could be fertile soil. The Hayek-Circle in Berlin would welcome you too.

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