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Excellent. I'd like also to add that the term "self-regulation" has been used by psychologists in the context of people overcoming such problems as smoking, over-eating and the like. This kind of regulation is a substitute for paternalistic legislation such as calorie taxes, etc.

As a liberal, I must agree. As a resident of Kentucky, I see this as a bit differently. May I elicit responses from people about the effects of strip mining and burning coal (which is very far from clean even in the most progressive energy companies). I know kind of how I stand on this issue, but would like to ask how others view issues such as:


As an Austro-Kentuckian, I need some responses to these arguments so I can convince some of my peers of the merits of Austrian Economics!

Excellent post.

Self-governance is the philosophy of manifold self-help programs from 12-step drug and alcohol programs to programs that assist parents with children with severe emotional and behavioral problems.

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