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That's great! Certainly beats paying over £150 pounds for it on Amazon (not that it isn't worth it).

Are any other books in the series being made available in paperback?

Don't know Giles. They didn't even tell ME they were releasing it in paper! I found out by accident.

As the series editor I wasn't informed either. Routledge is a poorly-managed company.

ON THE OTHER HAND, congratulations! Roger Garrison's book is also available in paper. So now there is no excuse for macro-ignorance.

That's a reasonable price; I may actually fork out the cabbage for it.

Apparently Frederic Sautet's book in the series is also in paperback now (maybe it was before, I'm not sure).

Is there any particular reason that Dr Boettke's "Calculation and Coordination" was allowed to be put online?

Frederic Sautet's book has been available as a paperback for at least a few years. At least since I brought it in 2007.

Is this gonna be available from amazon, or do we have to go thru the Routledge web site?

It should be on Amazon eventually. I'll double check with Routledge.

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