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Excellent points Pete. Dan's essay had exacerbated my bleak outlook on the future. Your straightforward post has brought back the optimism.

Very inspirational, Pete, thanks.

You write that "the game moves to a new level" a phrase qualified later by your more explicit use of the word "progress" as if the game, that is - life, is better.

But the game itself changes, not merely the players. Judging one generation's sport to a previous is not always accurate (unless it is merely the shot put or the 100 yard dash). I'm thinking of Gladwell's recent article on basketball, and the use of non-traditional offensive maneuvers to gain an advantage. The game changes, the players must adapt.

As a humanist, I believe the same is true in life. So there won't be another Friedman, for the problems will be different, but there will surely be another economics superstar, one dealing with all the consequences of the multiple permutations and interpretations of economics from the last century.

George Halas, who was speaking from decades of coaching, said "the newer players are always 2/3 better, faster, stronger, same heart."

That won't change. Endurance (longevity) records such as Federer's should keep becoming harder to beat. The Sampras Federer overlap may not come again.

Roger had to reach what? 16? And he hasn't finished. The next record setter may have to reach 20. Or more.

But as time passes players get better medical care, better nutrition, and better training. So they will have more years to pass Federer. This is offset by the fact that they must play those years against those with equal advantages.

mathematical econ "model" construction = arena football

econometrics = World Wrestling Entertainment

More? How about:

finance = professional poker .. on a video poker machine

macroeconomics = professional paintball

Three more:

game theory = professional checkers

textbook micro = synchronized swimming

behavioral economics = professional foosball

Actually I'm a big fan of Micheal Jordan and no one can beat Micheal Jordan even Cobi, Mano, Lebron and Others. It just my opinion peace.

Usain Bolt is a nıce example of the way records are made to be broken.

Wonder ıf he can play basketball?

In tennis, how about 24 sıngle tıtles plus 19 each ın doubles and mixed.

My favorite Michael Jordan moment was the shot he hit against the Utah Jazz in the NBA Finals to close out the series and win his 6th title. He pushed Russell out of the way, swished the jumper, and then left his hand dangling in the air.

I think it would be more difficult to surpass Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player than Federer as the greatest tennis player. Virtually every basketball analyst agrees Jordan is the greatest of all time. There are many that are still unsure about Federer and think his level of competition is just much weaker than other past champions.

I agree with poker rakeback! That one is my favorite too! After the shot was made, the follow through was still there! That was really amazing!

He truly is the best man ever played the game of basketball. He carries his team on his own and give them 6 titles. Even magic or bird don't make it 3 straight championships. Also, look at his awards. Not only he got MVP or scoring champion awards. He do have Defensive award too. No doubt, Jordan is the one.

The missleading title is a no-no...but to get back to Federer...if you look how great someone is you can't just count how many title he/she has..cause let's say playing in Federer time is a lot more easier than in say Sampras's..cause at Pete's time there were about ten more players almost as good as he was..real top class (Ivanisevic, Aggassi, Kafelnikov, Chang...)..and today Federer has only about 2-3 players that really give him a hard time (Nadal, Djokovic) you see you can't say that someone is better by just counting who has more trophies...

Excellent information to many people like to read articles to learn about these issues of great interest.

What isn't good is when our reverence for the past undermines our appreciation for the present, and our hope for the future.

He is the best basketball player of all times there is no doubt about it and also he was a great leader in the team ,
i really admired him great player .

The title of this post is misleading, but it is intended to get you to think about why I might disagree with Dan Klein and also think that the cultural battle in economic science and over liberalism is not only worth fighting but capable of winning. And must be won by each generation of economic thinkers anew.

Michael Jordan is regarded as the greatest basketball player ever in my opinion.

Nice blog we have here;)

Men marry because they are tired; women because they are curious; both are disappointed

Men marry because they are tired; women because they are curious; both are disappointed

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