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The YEAR WAS 2004, not 1984. We were in 1st year PRICE THEORY then. NO wonder silly things like Blogometric papers have me as publishing for 52 years. People keep trying to make me out to be 70 or 80 years of age. Folks I am not 50 YET!


I must've been thinking about that joyous occasion when we first met. Having said that, are you sure you're not over 50?

He's not 50... YET. But he can see it up in the road ahead. ;)

Pete is ageless.

I recently read your 2004 paper and found it enlightening. I presented a paper at the 2009 ASC at the Mises Institute entitled Against the Third Sector as a Contrivance of the State, http://mises.org/journals/scholar/hodgkins.pdf , which provides an historical background as the founbdation of my Masters thesis in Public Administration on equity-like capital markets for non-profit enterprise.

My research has conviced me that although government intervention has certainly led to the 20th century explosion of non-profit enterprise, this intervention has led to most of the economic calculation issues discussed in relation to non-profit enterprise. I am currently working on the second chapter of my thesis, which humbly attempts to bring an Austrian persepctive to the economic analysis of the sector. I thank you for the information regarding The Philanthropic Enterprise, and as always, enjoy reading your informative blog.

Kevin, you should alert Lenore Ealy about your article:


I will, thank you.

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