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Since the article says that the Obama Administration is claiming that the $787 billion stimulus package has "saved" 1 million jobs, then taking their claim at face value, "saving" each of these jobs has cost current and future taxpayers $787,000.

If that is what they are willing to pay me to keep me in my current job, where to I sign up??

Oh, I forgot, most of that is "overhead" costs to bureaucratically manage the saving of those people's jobs! Aren't these the same social engineers who paid, what, $500 for a toilet seat, a $1,000 for a wrench?

Richard Ebeling

I am so sick of "science" for political gain. But I believe I am learning valuable lessons from all of this. I used to think that when Mises and Hayek connected positivism, scientism, etc to statism they were going too far. But now we all see what they saw.

you took the words right out of my mouth... no seriously, I wrote the exact same thing in my blog

The stimulus cured my acne!

Oh, with Keynesian multiplier effects, who knows, maybe it will save a total of two million jobs, thereby costing only $393,500 plus interest per worker. That, of course, sounds more cost-effective.

I saved or created 10 million new jobs by eating a burrito. Prove me otherwise!

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