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Here's the piece on economists' published-judgments mostly reaching a conclusion on rent control (by Blair Jenkins):


A really good film showing the evil of such coercion is Pacific Heights, starring Matthew Modine, Melanie Griffith, and Michael Keaton. Takes place in SF. Modine and Griffith are a couple who shift out the housing supply curve, but Keaton is a scam artist who knows how to work the intervenionism so as to expropriate their property.

Highly recommended. Totally Higgsian on the attenuation of property. Big G is worse than worthless.

If I remember correctly, the happy ending comes by way of private justice.

Santa Monica also has rent control.

Is Kelly O'Keefe a nonconformist or does she approve of the sign? (No thumbs-down.)

Rent regulation (two separate regimes, rent control and rent stabilization) is actually a state program in New York and not confined to NYC. There are rent-regulated properties in Buffalo and other upstate cities.


You should be kinder in your gestures. I don't think the woman pictured on the advertisement (?) is that unattractive.

Eileen Norcross published a very good article in the WSJ last year on the economics and politics of rent control in NYC. See here:

That's just crazy.

Swedish economist Assar Lindbeck said that "In many cases rent control appears to be the most efficient technique presently known to destroy a city". The city councils of Berkeley and Santa Monica should be required to take ECON 101!

I vaguely remember an article about a decade ago by a world famous author, quite wealthy.

She was enraged because NY had removed rent control protection for those making over $250K/year. She had been paying almost nothing for twenty years.

Sorry, I have forgotten who she was, and other details.

Various rent controls are not that rare. Los Angeles has a weak form.

With some unease, I think stabilization can be justified.

i.e. rents can rise, but not very fast.

The fact is that city landlords sometimes reap windfalls because the city creates a subway or new park or otherwise greatly boosts a given area. The landlord has not paid for those improvements and current renters should not be heavily penalized for them.

Is a couple of years now a "longtime"? This woman can't be more than 30.

Show us a fat, ugly 80 yo woman and see how many sympathizers the rent stabilization board has?

How about a counter-ad campaign... show some hot blonde and in an "unseen" moment have her point out that rent stabilization kept her out of many apartments, even though she could've afforded to pay.

Took me time to read all the comments, but I enjoyed the article.

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