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An on-target review of Goldberg's book.

I was surprised how well Goldberg documented his story, and how much of his story I hadn't run into anywhere else.

"Fascism: Italian, German, and American,” review of Jonah Goldberg,"
Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I had made the very mistake you warn of in your review - assuming that it was another anti-intellectual romp through conservative cliches. The political economy and history of fascism compared to progressivism are subjects I have a great deal of interest in, and I've decided to buy the audio version of Goldberg's book on the strength of your review.

I'm emailing one of my undergrad professors about this book now. We had a class discussion in which I asserted that both major political parties in the US were actually national socialist in their policies and rhetoric, just with their own particular 'flavors' to add some difference between them.

Steve is just taking one for the team here.

Wow Richard Cheese! I loved the cover of Rush's "The Trees" you did on "Silent Nightclub." So glad you could join us here on the blog. ;)

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