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Nothing says "I've given up caring about my appearance" like crocs do. Plus, it seems like the only people I see wearing them are morbidly obese women, and now that my tax dollars are soon going to have to help pay for their health care, maybe they SHOULD have to bend over and tie their shoes - it might be the most exercise they get all day.

I say good riddance.

Mrs D and the kids love(d) them. They're great for slouching around the house and everywhere else. But when Mrs D asked if I'd like a pair I said 'No', not 'No, thank you' just 'No'.

I own both the first and second editions of Jesús Huerta de Soto's book, and it is amongst my favorite of all the books within the Austrian literary circle that I've read. Although, I do have a bias, since I am from Spain. ;)

Furthermore, I would suggest Spanish speakers to look up his lectures on YouTube. They are one of a kind.

I apologize; I posted on the wrong article.


Do you think you can post on any topic you please?


Yes. And if you've ever seen Pete's nasty pseudo-suede crocs, you'd understand why I did.

Any company that produces footwear that is "dishwasher safe" should be doomed to failure...


Do you think you can post on any topic you please?

In his defense, Crocs seem like a consequence of inflationary malinvestment to me.

Also, Crocs are evil.

Yes, why the disapproval? An entrepreneurial error like that is very likely to be a fashion error too. But, of course, it just illustrates that there really is no accounting for taste.

If the Washington Post article says people like George Clooney and Steven Tyler have been seen sporting the Crocs, doesn't it stand to reason that Prof. Boettke is on par with George Clooney & Steven Tyler?

Just thinking out loud here...

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