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A great quote, indeed!

It is a great insight. I would say the same of the modern art world.

Excellent insight!

This too speaks to the continuing relevance of Berger's (1963) Invitation to Sociology!

Peter Berger is one of the most insightful sociologists of the second half of the 20th century.

This should not be too surprising, since he was greatly influenced by Max Weber and Alfred Schutz, two of the leading sociologists closest to the Austrians in the last century.

Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann's "The Construction of Social Reality" is a value contribution to social understanding from a Weberian/Schutzian perspective, and should be better known by Austrians. It is insightful and well-written.

Richard Ebeling

Excellent quote, although I have to admit, that I read it 3 times until I got it.

Rick C, I completely agree. Jorg Colberg is a photography critic who has written a great blog post on this subject. It is called "When the Medium Becomes the Message". Just replace the word Medium with Technique.

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