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If there's a prequel featuring your Hillsdale days, I hope I'm in it.

That was bad.
No offense, the book was great.
That was just bad.
Bad like whoa.


*interesting that in these days GCI is omnipresent, it is even used even in book trailers (the first ever at least).

Man, I'm getting real bored of all this pirate stuff. Talk about flogging something.

Actually, Craig Mullaney who wrote "The Unforgiving Minute" a few months back had a trailer. I'm not sure if that was the first or not but it's the first I was aware of.

"This video has been removed by the user." Fail!

See the trailer here

fwiw I agree with commenter Chad. I guess book trailers have a long way to come. Still, good to see they're promoting the book.

Why don't they like your book, Peter?

It's Fleet Week in NYC this Memorial Day. Pete, Why don't you get a "Pirate Ship" fill it with actors playing Obama, Bernanke, Summers, Geithner, Pelosi Franks, Paulson, Greenspan, Waters, The Unions, Wall Street Etc... and cruise the Hudson for an assault on Lady Liberty! It would surely get attention for your book and would represent what is happening to the Constitution!

Zac and others,

Keep in mind the following --- this is Princeton University Press. Princeton is arguably the most prestigious university publisher at the moment (Chicago, Cambridge, MIT and Oxford would round out the top 5 in no particular order).

And they are trying to promote Pete's book to such a wide audience. I think this is a consequence of the Freakonomics success, but also really cool that Pete and his work was picked by Princeton to push in this way.

When Hayek wrote the Road to Serfdom, he did a book tour throughout the US to promote the book. The book sold thousands of copies. Pete's book is off to a similar start.

And think about what they were trying to promote in the book --- how volunatary agreements come to be formed that off-set risk with compensation (including health benefits) and enable these "enterprises" to cooperate and realize the benefits from the division of labor, etc. Lets be clear, Pete does not glorify pirate plunder, he does marvel at Pirate organization and how they realize cooperation even in a low trust world without recource to a third-party enforcer.

Finally, I recommend to all the readers of Pete's book to read the back of the book and his syllabi for his management class as if taught by a pirate. It is precious.

Let me state one last thing about Pete's book (and work in general). Pete is that rare academic writer who conveys in his writing not only the urgency of truth seeking, but the sheer joy of learning. Pete has fun doing research and writing, and he does it better than most economists. But I want to emphaize FUN, this is a scholar who really enjoys what he is doing and anyone reading his work (or listening to him talk about his work) will immediately realize how much FUN he is having. That is special.


I was half kidding, but Malcolm Mc Laren manager of "The Sex Pistols" did a boat trip on the Thames River on which the band performed their, I think, Murrary Rothbard inspired songs, such as "Anarchy In The UK", "God Save The Queen" and other tunes of freedom in front of Parliament. They certainly got a lot of attention once they were police raided and arrested. Johnny Rotten was very photogenic. You guys haven't taken my idea in the spirit it was given. It is PR Pirate's Gold. I sentence you to walk the plank (diving board) into the briney (pool) and party like a pirate this Memorial Day weekend!

The greatest master of Brazilian literature and letters: JOSÉ CLAUDINIER DE FREITAS FILHO. Born in Recife / Pernambuco / Brazil and a citizen of the world. The master of so many lessons, my most sweet congratulations indicated by this site.

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