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are you quiting the blog?

You had a wise father. Mine, who I lost a few months ago, told me much the same thing. When I was a kid and we were working on some project, I would be ready to go and he was still looking at whatever we were doing, thinking, checking the details and driving me crazy. More often than not, had we started when I wanted to, we wouldn't have had all the materials or we would have missed a step somewhere.

My tendency is still to charge ahead, but when I heed his advice and make sure all the details are handled, things turn out much better.

Pete wrote:

"Whenever I went wrong in school, in sports, in life, it was because he would say 'Peter, your not paying attention to detail.'"

Did your dad confuse "you're" and "your," or is that an example of you not paying attention to... Never mind.

Great catch Bob ---yes you're.

Larry, My Dad also was into making sure you knew details of operations. I got a 10 speed bike when I was in MS, and when we brought it home I looked at it, he took it completely apart and gave me the book and told me to put it back together again. In that way, he said, if it every broke down I'd know how to fix it.


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