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What a dork! (Oh, sorry, was that out loud? ;) )

Yes, but a total Misesian. There seems to be some undue confusion on this.

Haha! I forgot about this picture! Nice ...

Let there be no doubt!

Here's a story... He was maybe 16 at the time and had already read most of the economic books at the local college library; when he finally got his hands on a book that referenced Mises. I remember him coming home that day and announcing that he'd just finished reading about something that he knew he would explore further, that made complete and total sense to him. He was so excited! I asked him what it was (and I'm pretty sure I heard I heard a choir of angels singing in the background) as he spoke the words "Austrian Economics". Shortly thereafter, a copy of Human Action was in the house and the rest, as they say, is history.

Great story Anne. It was wonderful to see you again this past weekend. And it was a great book party.

I know Pete often tells the story about when he first met me -- after his soph year at Hillsdale, I discouraged him from exploring Misesian apriorism. I don't remember that, but I am sure he has the facts right. And I understand his disappointment in me. But I will tell you this, the summer we spent in Prague prior to him coming to GMU, when he wasn't teaching was spent discussing Mises, praxeology, and economics over beer mainly off the main square. I realized right then and there that I wasn't talking to an incoming student but to a brilliant colleague who I would be blessed to be working with. And if truth be told, Pete has exceeded even those expectations.

If Anne is Pete's mom, I will repeat what a colleague of mine said upon meeting my parents: "Steve, your biggest problem is that your parents are cooler than you are."

She is, and very true, Steve!

Pete was the 5 yr old who didn't want to carry the superhero backpack on the first day of school , but instead wanted a briefcase. He was the 12 yr old who had to be warned in advance of large holiday family gatherings not to argue politics with the adults because he'd get things so heated up, and he was the teenager who rather than covering his bedroom walls with posters of hot/fast women and cars, covered them with pictures of Mises; and instead of building a vast CD collection, collected copies of Human Action. He was never the average bear, it can't have been easy for him! But he has always been driven by what he believes is right and there is nothing cooler than that :)

We had this picture hanging up in our office throughout our time as grad students at GMU!

I want to hear some stories about Pete and Aunt Leslie. He mentions her in class sometimes.

Nobody mentioned that Peter was the only human being in existence to show up at Punk concerts in a khaki pants and sperry topsiders and often smoked expensive cigars.

Those were Timberland topsiders, Chris :)

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