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Here are the working papers of the #1 guy.

Anything "Austrian" here?


Nope, but I am not sure what point you are making. That we are not making in-roads. This is a complicated issue to measure and it depends on what margin we are talking about. This particular measure is biased toward journal publications and in high impact journals.

But if you look at broader trends in economic thinking, the issue becomes more ambiguous.

Pete is an unusual talent. Those of us of lesser skill work on a different margin than him to try to find some niche within the profession.

Trying and failing Greg, is different than not trying at all --- that is all I would say to young economists. You should be trying because the discipline of economics is too important to abandon.

Pete -- No point being made. I was curious what the top guy was up to. I haven't had a chance to read his papers.

Is there "Austrian" stuff in any other of the top 200?

No point being made. Just interested in finding out what else is out there.

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