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Excellent letter. Keep it up.

I think this is the best article I have read on the stimulus yet. Almost every line in there is brilliant, succinct and hits it home. Nice work!

Good article, Steve. I also took on the "do nothing" charge, but I went the conventional route of government policy recommendations:


Excellent, though it doesn't hurt to remind folks that there's much the government should undo. But you are right. Even if the government does nothing, the economy will wake up because people have ends to achieve and will find ways to achieve them, government obstacles be damned. Of course when this happens, Obama and his co-conspirators in Congress will seize the credit.

Great post! I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

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Great post Steve! This is the kind of "plain English" argument that needs to be made that will begin to stem the tide toward socialism.

Keep-up the great work.

May we reproduce this post on our blog at www.forfreedomssake.com? If so, besides givint you credit, do we need to get permission from The Washington Examiner?


Let me check my contract with the Examiner and get back to you on Monday.

And thanks to all of the others for your kind words.

I totally agree, with the except of the comment about "the simplest pencil."
You guys being good defenders of the free market system, I shouldn't have to point this out:

Thanks Steve, I look forward to hearing back from you.

Well Matt, that line was an intentional homage to I, Pencil, which is how I start my intro class on the very first day. The fact that you caught the reference is exactly why it's there. And you should have read "simplest" with the requisite wink. ;)

It is probably true, and I have yelled at the TV enough to say that I agree with you. However, there is a huge populist tide that is chanting "stimulus package" and neither Obama, nor McCain, nor Paul could have gotten away with *not* at least going through the motions of this type of policy. It's sad, really.

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