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Pete says:

"Not everyone approaches these issues the same way Paul Krugman or Brad deLong does."

That's an understatement.

Their tone is almost always political and partisan. It's never just about economics.

They simply assume the same of others who disagree with them.

Perfect example is Peter Leeson's column on Somali pirates where a commenter responds intelligently...until the end where he calls Pete an ultra-conservative propagandist for big business, essentially. It's easier to label someone than to outsmart them, and if they've got the facts and logical mechanisms on their side, it is the *only* way to win.

a brief comment:

I am not naming names but I must confess I thought I noticed a change in tone after the election. It seemed all of a sudden I agreed with the Big Gun economists when I had felt isolated before the election.

But maybe somebody gave me a hug after Obama won and my perspective changed.

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