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Congratulations Pete! I am impressed at how you were able to break through like this; it's great. (Sort of like when Ron Paul was on Jay Leno talking about Austrian economics.)

Thanks, Bob! Your kind remarks are most appreciated. Pete

Congrats Pete!

Those blurbs are great! I can't wait to get a copy.

No secret blog for pre-orders?

Congratulations. The hook is not quite invisible on the cover. Is there significance to that?

Congrats Prof Leeson! Can't wait to get a's gonna be a long wait.

Snarky but concerned question: Why not Amazon? I placed my order but have to say, the process left something to be desired.

Thanks everyone!

Mario: the hook is 'invisible' because the title is "The Invisible Hook"! What appears as a hook outline in the picture will 'pop out' as an embossed shape on the actual cover.

Dan: the book can't go on Amazon until much closer to the release date. (The ISBN isn't even 'in the system yet.') This should be around April/May. Since we're so early (we don't even have page proofs yet) it's just Princeton for the moment.

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