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Channel 867 in southern Manhattan on Time-Warner Cable TV.

I was at the shooting of the show on Friday night, and Fred did a great job! Really knocked it out of the ballpark. Let's hope this leads to regular appearances by him on the World Over. BTW, Raymond Arroyo is an extremely smart (especially for a TV newsman!), talented and WISE person (I've known him for 16 years and was even in his wedding). I expect we will be seeing a lot more of him in the future, both on and beyond EWTN. This is a great thing, because he's basically on our side. If you watch the show, notice how he set Fred up with his questions, allowing Fred to present so effectively the Austrian story about what is going on now.

I watched it today (Sunday) at 4:00. I liked the part where Arroyo tied in the Pope's comments about building a house on sand after Fred talked about real savings vs. the fed printing money. My parents, without any background in economics, were able to follow the discussion and came away with a better understanding of what's going. So great job Fred!

If Arroyo is on "our side" what the heck is he doing on a catholic tv show?

Where does he stand on abortion? gay rights, porn, crack cocaine, divorce, prostitution, etc?

Unless of course you don't really mean our side (libertarianism) but some nasty right wing Catholic kookery.

Anarcho-misesian: You may not agree with the Catholic religion, but if you want to comment on this blog, you are required to be respectful of others. I have deleted your last comment, as it lacked respect for another reader. This blog is about the discussion of ideas, not cowardly comments from anonymous readers.


That explains why I sometimes find myself watching The World Over.
Unfortunately, I had missed all the shows this weekend and waiting until they upload the show online. Look forward to it.

I always like to see the surprise look on other libertarian/austrian faces when I tell them that economics was a key element in my finding my faith in the Catholic Church.

Ian, I had a similar experience.

Although a cradle Catholic, it was economics, and Austrian economics in particular, that led me back to the practice of the Faith.

Actually, that right wing Catholic cookery severed as a precursor to the Austrian school (at least it seems). The ideas of the scholastics, particularly regarding actions, habits, cool/hot states (influence of appetites) and akrasia are seeing an abundance of new literature.

This message is for Raymond when he interviewed Dr. Walid Phares. I am an Easstern girl and came here to America to be away from the fanatical muslims like our clerics who are nothing but like the pharasees in the Bible and the biggest hippocrites. The reason why they want to build the mosque is because the Pope had blessed the ground zero and the Muslim wants to link themselves with Christianity as they do not have a history. Just like in the holy land they build a mosuqe close to where Jesus was born in Bethlehem. They are like the story of the Camel who asked his master if the camel could share his tent and the master said yes, and the camel put his neck in and slowly,slowly the camel put its whole body in the tent and threw the master out. They are like that. Gradually, the Muslims will start introducing Sharia Law in the USA. I just hear a muslim lady speak that she is also against building the mosque at ground zero. If the President who allowed this to be done, does not know anything of either politics or religion.
Speaking about sharia law, it is not the country law but it is a Muslim religious law and should be followed by the Muslims and not the non-mulims like they did in Amsterdam. Americans be ware of what is coming to you next. Muslims want to be in the west because the Quran tells them to learn only the good things of the west, without the Christian schools and scholars in the past, Muslims would never have progressed themselves. They ought to thank the western countries for the knowledge they got. Where did Osama bin Laden studied his engineering? Where? Not in Saudi Arabia where they used to eat dates and pita bread. I do not wish to put my name and also plase do not give my e-mail to anybody.
Thank you.

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