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Anyone who knew Norman Barry knows what a kind, gentle man he was.

Decades ago, when the Ausrian revival was only beginning, Norman was already writing monographs or books explaining the Austrian perspective, including an excellent book on Hayek's political, social, and economic philosophy.

The last time I saw him was in London in November 2005, when we were both honored with "lifetime awards for liberty" at the annual banquet of Libertarian Alliance/Libertarian International, held at the Liberal Club.

Norman had long been afflicted with "MS" and had to walk carefully not to lose his balance, and had an assistant with him "just in case."

Fortunately, his disablility never wore down his determination to teach, write, and lecture. He shrugged it off as just something he had to deal with, and just went on with his life. Even as his body weakened, his mind remained as sharp as ever.

Yes, he was a "good friend" of liberty and Austrian Economics. He was also -- and more importantly -- a good, decent human being.

I, for one, will miss him very much.

Richard Ebeling

A sad day and a great loss.

Barry was certainly a pioneer in Hayek studies, and an important early window into the literature of classic liberalism for me.

There is a nice obituary to Norman Barry in the Daily Telegraph.

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