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I bet his next appearnace before congress will be in handcuffs, orange jumpsuit, and a bullet proof vest.

Turns out that on this issue, as on so many other issues in political economy, Murray Rothbard had it right. See


Wow, that Rothbard piece was shockingly dead-on. Who says Austrians don't predict? Thanks, Pete!

It truly amazes me how rapidly crazy rothbard - a lousy thinker - goes from being a pariah with the GMU austrian crowd to being a guru!!

Crazy Rothbard was both crazy and brilliant. I've said on this very blog that the first 65 pages of MES is the best explanation of the derivation of supply and demand curves I know. And I'm using his AGD chapter on Hoover in my American Economic History class this semester.

Why does it have to be an either/or? Sometimes he was crazy (in the last decade of his life, far more often), sometimes he was brilliant.

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