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Anyone who listens to anything John Allison of Botch Bash & Trash says needs to have his/her head examined. That BB&T is still in business is a testament to the imperfection of market mechanisms. In my view, a lousier CEO doesn't exist in America, with the exception of Barry Melancon of the American Institute of CPAs.

To be sure, it shouldn't surprise anyone that Melancon and Allison have much in common: both are totally out of touch with the experience of their organizations' customers, both are arrogant and pig-headed men, and both are obscenely overpaid. The worse they they do, the more they make.

I can tell you first-person stories about both organizations that would make your hair curl. Hollywood couldn't make this stuff up, and neither can anyone else. If you want to hear more, email wmiller@beckmill.com. The incompetence of both men is breathtaking, truly stunning.

In other words, Miller, you've got nothing you'll commit to public discussion, but a bunch of freaked-out hyperbole and the dread threat "I've got anecdotes!"

You've got nothing. Allison is dangerous to the mainstream narrative, and those not married to it should listen up.

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