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Congratulations to Dr D'Amico.
- Does this mean he may become a contributor on this blog?
- Any student has a chance of meeting and hearing Dr. D'Amico this summer at Freedom University seminar from Foundation for Economic Education and therefore they should sign up to attend at before it fills up.
- D'Amico has definitely had his share of influencing many of the undergraduates at Mason and I'm sure he will be missed.
Thanks Dan. Keep up the hard work.

Any chance the dissertation is also available online?

Congrats Dan! Well-deserved.

dissertation online soon to come...

Congrats Dan!! Like Pete, I look forward to seeing some of the joint product that you and Walter (and for that matter the entire core of free market guys at Loyola) produce. I have one former Loyola student working with me at Suffolk now and I certainly hope to get more.
Good work and congrats to you and the team at Loyola that just got even stronger!


Congratulations Dan!

Congrats Dr. D'Amico!

Btw, I am quite confident that the Austro-econ way of thinking will "shake-up" the criminological literature. Any chance that your paper will be sent to Criminology soon?

Congratulaions. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable Dr. D'Amico was about Austrian economics when I first met him at the FEE seminar last summer. The school is fortunate to have such a dedicated and talented scholar.

Congrats Dr. D'Amico!!!

duplicates? What about "D'Amiconomists" or "Danarchists"


Dan was a student of mine at Loyola University New Orleans. He was one of the top students that I had during my 32-year career on the economics faculty there. Dan's class participation added much to what was being discussed. He often posed questions that allowed myself and other members of the class to engage in fruitful discussions. He contributed much to Economics Club meetings, which for many students is the thing to do during the bi-weekly 12:30-2:00 p.m. time slot, where pizza and food for thought are plentiful.

It is with great pleasure that I learned he will be joining the Loyola University New Orleans economics faculty.

Congratulations Dr. D'Amico.


Michael Saliba, Ph.D.

Congrats, Dan!

Enjoy your time at LUNO, and I'm sure that I'll be hearing from you again. You will be bringing students up to ASSC in the future, right?

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