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Surely compared to Shleifer, Boettke is NUTS!

Not everyone shares your high opinion of Schleiffer: http://isteve.blogspot.com/2006/10/economist-andrei-shleifer-demoted-by.html

TGGP --- I know all about the Shleifer issue with Russia and the Justice Department and Harvard. I have a rather unconventional perspective on this and would defend him against the charges. But admit that it would have been better had these issues not been associated with Shleifer. However, I don't think any of these issues relate to his ECONOMICS as opposed to his personal conduct.

Jonathan --- thanks for the strong assertion about my status as a NUT. It is appreciated! Did you take the time to read Sheifer's argument concerning Friedman versus Stiglitz? That would be a much better use of your time. For that matter did you read my post? I never compared myself to AS, but instead focused on arguing that AS is the most insightful economist of his generation.

I read both your post and Shleifer´s article. By the way, the quality of your writing is probably better than Shleifer´s. -:) With the exception of Stiglitz et al. apparently mainstream economics is becoming more free-market oriented. Now what bethers me a bit is this: if the mainstream is becoming thoroughly free market - as it certainly will - what are Austrian economists still for?

It´s an eror for Pete not to compare himself to Shleifer. If he works hard, he can become the Shleifer of the Austrian school -:)

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