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Thank you, Steve. I often find myself thinking that the discussants on this blog would have their minds blown by Critical Review, which is often "more Austrian than the Austrians" in rigorously sticking to the implications of ignorance, as vs. incentives; and in sharply separating social science (both economics and political science) from libertarianism.

There's a problem with the PDF of the intro to the issue Steve discussed, in which I review CR's evolution from Hayek and Lavoie through Lachmann and into political studies. I'd be happy to send the PDF to anyone who writes me: critical.rev@gmail.com

In answer to a confused inquiry: there's a problem with *downloading* the PDF from our web site. Instead, I can email it to anyone who asks. Apologies.

Mr. Friedman,

My mind has indeed been blown by CR. I started reading it (note: this will not be a full on bio!) a few years back, picking up issues at a place generically named News Beat across from the California state capital building in Sacramento. As a Poli Sci major with an interest Austrianism, I find CR to be an awesome convergence of the two fields.

Thanks for the kudos, Dain. Praise is scarce; death threats more common! I think a lot of Austrians don't see much need for rethinking or even extending Austrian insights, as some of the debaters on this blog have shown.

The PDF can now be downloaded from criticalreview.com/2004/current_issue.html

Enjoy, heterodox Austrians!

Congratulations Jeff --- what an amazing accomplishment CR has been over the years --- and your efforts on this journal has been simply inspiring.

Good luck with the new publisher and for continued success and wide readership for CR.


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