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They seem to hold the quality of the movie constant. Are they still being overpaid if the same movie performs worse with a different actor?

Seems like Judd's newest movie is a flop:
I wonder what Judd gets paid in relation to gross revenue.


"Forbes examined the salaries, budgets and returns for films headlined by some of the biggest stars in the industry." ( Forbes)

I am just not sure they are controlling for enough variables. Unlike the previous commenter, I am not sure movie quality is held constant. Sure budget plays a role. But what about the script? For example, that Dick and Jane script was horrible. And it never would have made as much without Carey. But Superbad and Knocked Up (which btw had Katherine Heigl from Grey's Anatomy, ABCs biggest show...) were gems; you did not need to add a lot of glitz to make them good. (Plus, Superbad followed Knocked Up which, again, carried Heigl's endorsement so that by the time Superbad came out, Judd and Seth Rogen, the actor carrying over, had already made names for themselves...thus not needing endorsements from big timers.)

Control for script quality and co-stars, and then tell me that Jim Carey is overpaid! ( surprise there, though.)

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