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Steve, what is the black stuff on the top of your head?

Pete looks quiet, contemplative, and inquisitive. Well, he's still inquisitive. :-)

This is great!

Steve: I'm a fan of the beardless look.

Pete: If you can track down a few extraneous car windshields to be used as lenses, I think you should go back to those glasses frames.

Come on guys, you can do better than that, bring out your baby photos like Larry Boland!


Those glasses were my attempt to signal my intellectual transition!!! Note I am still wearing the New Balance long sleeve tee-shirt, and a pair a sweatpants, but the glasses were my signaling devices.

The other thing about that picture is that I am 100lbs smaller than I am now. So I would be very happy to go back to those glasses if they entailed a quick fix on that weight issue. The windshield wipers might add weight rather than subtract it.


What's interesting is that I look 20lbs heavier there than I am now. I think it was the weight of the hair and the coke bottle goggles!

"The child is father of the man"
-- William Wordsworth

Wordsworth? Here I thought it was Brian Wilson.

Crazy thing is, when I see the boys today, I still see them as they looked back then.

I think it was Don Lavoie who took the picture. Or maybe it was Deb Walker?

And.... to think I married him looking like that!

(thankfully, he listened to me and grew the beard!)

The original Superbad.

Great photo.

Wouldn't that be Van Dyke Parks?

Come to think of it, it very well could be Van Dyke Parks. I know this -- it isn't that former psychiatrist (or whatever he was)of Brian's.

Dr. Landy.

You know this song, Dave?

Yes it was quite an experience seeing those two shining faces in my classroom. They weren't smiling so much in Econometrics though!!


Yes econometrics --- Prychitko and I thought we found an error in the math in Thiel and brought it to you to write up an econometric theory paper. You wisely told us to just pass your course!!!

I had my struggles in that class, but to this day --- and you can ask anyone --- I always say that you were the best technical teacher I ever had as a student --- absolutely a fantastic teacher of the material.

I imagine you have kept that up over the years.

One of my fondest memories of graduate school, however, was the difference between your syllabus for money, and Selgin's syllabus for money. You had articles from 1985 on one, Selgin had only articles pre-1950. It was such a disjoint it was amazing thing to see.

I also remember both your job talks at GMU vividly. I learned a lot from both experiences.


What Pete says about lauding your teaching is true Kevin, but the reality was that his "smile" was a grimace, behind which he kept thinking "how the f--k am I gonna pass this class?" :)

Yea, Steve, I heard that song before.

Kevin -- I agree with Pete that you taught the material, especially the mathematical statistics portion, quite well. I still think we spotted a definite error in Thiel, but I forgot what that error was.

Wow, thanks guys. Pete, I remember marvelling when I compared my sylabus for grad macro with Don Lavoie's old sylabus for the same class. Pretty much the same situation as you describe.

I feel bad if I somehow stopped you and David from having careers as theoretical econometricians though!!

I've never had more interesting, challenging, committed students than the ones I had at GMU

What a beautiful day. Let's meet in Pali.

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