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I know that I am very close to the project, but I think I can still be objective. I consider Chris's book to actually be the most important book on the most important topic of our age. I hope it gets the attention it deserves and all the praise it is due. I actually think of Chris's work as this generations version of Mises's _Nation, State and Economy_. In his preface to that work Leland Yeager used a phrase that I have often repeated for what we strive in our work "analytical in diagnoses and humanitarian in recommendations". Chris Coyne's _After War_ contributes more than any other book to this tradition in tackling pressing issues of public policy. And as Murray Rothbard demonstrated in "Laissez-Faire Radical: The Quest for the Historical Mises," _Nation, State, and Economy is the work of a rational radical, and the same can be said of Coyne. His defense of a modern form of Manchesterism as the only way out of our current mess created by the war-state.

So I repeat, the most important book on the most important topic of our age. For the sake of humanity, lets hope _After War_ gets a wider reading than _Nation, State, and Economy_ did.


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