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When I interviewed Mary Douglas I asked her: are ideas like gloves or like skin? She thought it was a ridiculous question. I can only imagine what she'd of thought of an underwear metaphor!

I have no problem agreeing with Caplan's overall perspective, but I can't (at least for now) make room for his normative definition of irrationality into my fundamentally misesian understanding of choice or human action.

Anthony, did you happen to notice that Pete jumped from an underwear metaphor to a food metaphor?

Armen Alchian was one of those massively influenced by Hayek's "The Use of Knowledge in Society" at a very early point in his career. Thus it is no accident that Alchian's viewpoint shares "many points in common with the Mises/Hayek perspective on the market process." Alchian uniquely developed many ideas he previoiusly shared with Hayek because Alchian closely read Hayek.

“ideology is not something minor, like the relative mix of different vegetables in a soup, but rather it is like the very concept of that soup”.
Wagner (1993)

"Individuals have different palates and this will influence the cocktail of ideas they hold – some people will order from the menu, some will customise their meal. Some people prefer simplicity, whilst others embrace contradiction. Personal preference dictates that some ideas are more palatable than others, and this is due to whether the taste enhances or aggravates the existing stock."
Evans (2007)

Ideas=chandeliers baby!

I recently had an editor tell me that "writing about immigration is like baking a souffle." I still have no idea what she meant by that.

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