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Isn't Francisco Aparicio-Castillo at CIDE in Mexico -- I'm reasonably sure it's a PhD granting place, but you might want to check. I'm pretty sure their Doctorado page refers to doctoral studies, but I don't read Spanish.

GMU students shouldn't discount international schools when heading out on the market. I know we get lumped into Pete's "other" category, but it isn't all bad out here. You should send applications anywhere you'd be willing to live. The teaching loads tend to be lighter than in the States.

Eric is completely correct. There is absolutely nothing wrong with teaching in foreign universities. If you are willing to live overseas or return home after your studies it is an outstanding option.

My "other" category wasn't meant to be normative, though there is a basic "positive" description. US jobs usually pay more, and you are more directly connected to the professional discourse. But that is changing as well and GMU students should be ready to jump at any of the adjustments that occur that will make them maximize the returns they have made in their human capital investment.

BTW, NZ which I visited last summer is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and the people I met were absolutely wonderful. Eric is very lucky to have located to NZ.

Average US salaries are indeed higher than posted salaries in NZ. Lots of places in the British tradition have posted salary scales that do not vary across disciplines; that said, salary enhancements are generally offered in disciplines facing market pressure. Salaries are still below US averages, but there's no way I could ever have afforded to be a block back from the beach anywhere in the States.

Pete is definitely right about staying connected. It's awfully hard to get motivated to go to conferences when it's a 14 hour flight to LA, clear customs, connect...

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