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I met Dr. Boettke this morning in Union Station. I am assuming that he was headed to this conference. I was truly honored to be able to meet him. Here is how I recounted the episode to my wife.

"I got off my train at Union Station this morning. I was walking down to McD’s to get breakfast and my morning soda. I walked past this gentlemen who looked sort of like my boss and he is saying (or something to the effect), “…now I introduce [William(I now am assuming)] Easterly….” I was like, well that’s not my boss, but he does look really familiar. So I started going through all the people it can be. On my way back towards him it hits me. It’s Peter Boettke of George Mason University Economics Department. He is one of the premier Austrian Economist. So I went up to him and I introduced myself. I finally know how that little girl on American Idol felt as she started crying when Sanjaya sang, although I am still convinced she was crying because it was horrible. I was literally shaking inside. I told him I was a huge fan of his blog and I am sure I pretty much scared the begeezes out of him. I didn’t say anything profound or anything nearly remote to intelligent. So as I walked to my work, I was mentally slapping myself in the head for such a poor first impression."


I was extremley thrilled that you introduced yourself to me. Thank you. And feel free to contact me anytime you want with questions, etc.


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