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Sounds interesting. Is there a site with the papers being presented? Let us know how it goes.

Is this open to students in the area?

Quite by chance I am debating these issues on some local blogs. This is the piece that kicked off. It is a challenge to the development field to take on board Bauer's critique.

After an exchange in the comments there is a more substantial rejoinder here.

Feel free to drop in and have a say!

A comment on the Peter and Pete paper. It often helps to think of the liberal order resting on (at least) the three pillars of (1) free markets, (2) rule of law (including property rights) and (3) a moral framework including elements like honesty, compassion, enterprise, community service etc. Would it help to regard the moral framework among the private mechanisms of enforcement that support entreprenneurship.

I know that most of us find it hard to speak up about morals because the whole field has a bad record, as noted in this piece on the "staircase of opportunity" for progress in our Aborigial communities.

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