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What are the major alternatives to GMU for students wishing to pursue Austrian or Public Choice economics? And where would these institutions rank, roughly, in terms of requirements for admission in relation to GMU? I know of some obvious answers but perhaps several programs have slipped by me.

Great post, Pete! Here are a few additional thoughts of mine about your post and about GMU's PhD program from the perspective of a first PhD student at GMU: http://thinkingonthemargin.blogspot.com/2006/03/getting-into-gmus-econ-phd-program.html

Is it any easier to get into the Masters program at GMU?
I'm in the process of applying and have a great gpa, a good verbal score, and an average math score.

Yes, I believe the masters program is much less competitive. I was admitted with similar credentials to the ones you mention.

Alternatives to GMU

>Florida State --- contact Randy Holcombe
>West Virginia University (I highly recommend this program) -- contact Peter Leeson or Russ Sobel
>Georgia -- contact George Selgin

MA in Economics
>San Jose State University

Alternative plans of action

> MA at San Jose State, JD at GMU in law and economics

> MA/JD at GMU

> PhD in Public Policy at GMU

Depending on who you are:

1. PhD in Political Economy and Government at Harvard.
2. PhD in political scienc at Stanford doing political economy.
3. PhD in political science at NYU doing political economy
4. PhD in sociology at Cornell doing economic sociology.

Those would be the choices I'd pursued if I was to contemplate graduate school today.

What about graduate economics programs outside of the US in similar directions as GMU, any to recommend?

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