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Any thoughts on how much advancing to the Sweet 16 (or Elite 8 or Final Four or National Championship) is worth to a university like Mason? Surely, applications will increase, Almuni will give more, and so forth, but are you aware of any studies on the impact?


Basketball! Get with the real game you bludgers.

That is Australian rules, played between teams of 18, man on man, proper oval ball. This tells how it got started as a game to keep cricketers fit in the off season.

It is a great loss that Hayek and Popper were not ball players, they would have explained a lot of their insights more effectively using examples from sport. Popper's close friend in New Zealand was the economist Colin Simkin who was quite unlike his sports mad countrymen, he hated sport and preferred classical music. Someone else would have at least introduced Popper to football and cricket, he only would have needed a taste to pick up what he needed for future use.

I'm not sure about studies, Lewis, but I agree that there will be positive repurcussions as far as GMU is concerned.

Go Patriots!

Elite Eight, baby!!

Final Four baby. :)

Talk about Cinderella...

I echo Dr. Boettke's sentiments about GMU's basketball - I'm still impressed by the fundamentals of this GMU team.

Go Patriots!

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