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You might also be interested in this 4 page note I published: "Anarchy and Invesntion", http://rru.worldbank.org/Documents/publicpolicyjournal/280-nenova-harford.pdf

It generated a very lively discussion:

Just in case. Best.

I attended a talk from Robert Guest this summer--the author of The Shackled Continent. He definitely protrayed Somalia in a different light than you. While I don't remember the specific words he used, he portrayed Somalia as a truely horrible place. I'm pretty sure he wasn't comparing Somalia to the developed world, but was saying that it was outright a bad place. He certainly wouldn't consider it "one of the few successes in Africa".

Any ideas what accounts for this difference of opinion? To clarify, not the difference of opinion about government (or governence) but the difference of the "success" of Somalia.

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