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Strangely, though, the government can also depend on the support of Peter. Why? Because "social insurance" puts us all in the position of beneficiaries when the time comes, as in the case of retirement income. Of course, we also have the "sanction of the victim" process going on.

If I were under thirty, that would be my not-exceeding-twelve-pages submission.

I, for one, would like to see some papers about what you are proposing is wrong. And it is very wrong.

I should have a great reepsct for Dr. 's fortitude to keep personal liberty and economic stability. I am deeply impressed by Dr Paul's books, The Revolution, . I totally agree with those opinions that the root cause of the current economic crisis is a mountain of public debt including fiat money created through thin air. For spreading the truths in Korea, I would like to translate and publish End the Fed into Korean, already translating about half of the book. How should I get a permission? l am looking forward to your kind reply. I also ask you to write a preface to Korean edition if you give a permission.P.S: I am a senior economist working for the central bank of Korea for thirty years. I got Ph. D in economics at Michigan State University in 1990. I have one book and many papers about interaction between monetary and fiscal policy. With best wishesByung H. SeoHighly rated. What do you think? 13 0

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