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I came across an interesting little book by John Kay, OBLIQUITY. Kay is a frequent FT columnist and professor. He is often Hayekian. The book is about how the best way to get to one's goal is often (usually in a complex system) indirectly. I have ordered the book. Others may find it interesting too:


Yes, cut taxes. Simplify them. I contracted in IT to the IRS & you never saw a bigger bunch of typical lazy gov't workers in your life! That's why they had to hire us to do the work. A stimulus check and complex tax codes just make IRS administrative jobs. Same in all the excess gov't agencies. A simple tax code & lose the bloated federal civil service payroll. What a boon to the US economy!

Prof. Rizzo,

This might be of your interest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BoAtYL3OWU
The Rumsfeld quote sounds really Hayekian... bizarre!


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