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Congratulations on the well-received new book, Pete!

Congratulations! When does the TV & radio campaign start?

Congratulations, Pete!

Do I really have to call to order it? No Amazon link? No ebook? I couldn't even find it on the Independent web site.

It took a few weeks after release for Vern McKinley's Financing Failure to show up on Amazon, maybe they're doing the same thing with this book.

Congratulations Professor Boettke!


This book is not due out until May, and it will be available in all those forms. But this is a flyer for a discounted version of the book --- paperback as well as hardback. Also, it will be available in a Spanish language edition for the end of the year.

So you will have plenty of ways to get the book, but right now you can get it for a discount by contacting the Independent Institute --- and I am sure they will take emails rather than a phone call.

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