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Nice photo, Pete. I wonder what other tourists must have thought as you snapped a photo of the floor instead of the walls carrying Caravaggio paintings!

Wow. Wish I'd known about that when I was in Rome. I only saw the apartment of Goethe. :-) I left a poem in the signature book.

Forgive my ignorance, but why was he buried in Rome? He was French...

I came across this quite accidently a few years ago. It was quite exciting to see it.

Bastiat went to Rome (on doctor's advice for better climate) to recover from illness. Perhaps he fell in love with the city.

Btw, here is the translation:


Representative of the people to Parliament,
Correspondent of the Institute of France,
born in Bayonne in 1801,
died in Rome on 24th December 1850.

Parliament will miss such an enlightened and conscientious representative, political economy, such an eminent exponent of its purest doctrines and of the harmony of its laws. His family will only find consolation for such a painful separation in the memory of his Christian death

in pace

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