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Always be suspicious of people who propose corner solutions.

A timely and relevant column.

Bad policies have long-term consequences.

When Alaska's North Slope opened to development, Congress in its wisdom decreed that the oil must be shipped to the US. That was an uneconomic decision. The logical destination was and is Japan. Cutting Japan off from its cheapest oil source led them to rely more on nuclear power.

Unfortunately, before the people of Japan ever spare a thought for rebuilding their country (not knowing which parts will still be habitable), they need water! Your readers might be interested in how to treat their radioactively contaminated drinking water:
A Japanese translation seems underway, see comment by Takuya there. Maybe someone wants to help with other languages?


This is an uneconomic decision. Japan is more dependent on nuclear power stations.Though they face several disasters often dey do not give up dere hard work.

What happens when the *rate* of tradeoff is not clear?

I like the title-quote very much as a definition of enonomics is and what it can promise. But isn't it more like: "There are no solutions, only tradeoffs (and we're not sure or anyway do not agree as to what is offtraded by what and to what degree)"?

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