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In defense of libertarians, what makes you think that the Concord Free Press is of the left?

Some of the original pushback was from The Nation's editor, after all.

My guess is Concord Free Press isn't particularly ideologically affiliated, and I'd also agree that the left is entrepreneurial - but I'm not so sure libertarians aren't.

That old Stephen Colbert interview of a self-identified libertarian giving away toy guns in Harlem didn't help their image, of course :)

I really don't agree with your idea that the left is better at distributing materials. I think we can find examples of all sorts of groups giving away materials supporting their views.

How many commercials have you seen by LDS? They give away materials all the time.

Watchtower, anyone? Has your Jehovah's Witness visited this year?

Kurt Cameron and his church gave away Charles Darwin's book. They, of course, had their introduction included. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM0oBuhTLRI

The Ludwig von Mises Institute not only will give you a pdf of Mises' work, they also will read it to you. Visit iTunes and look for "Human Action" as a podcast.

I just received a CD with maybe a 100 books on it (pdf). I don't know the group that sent it to me but it may have been the Liberty Fund.


I'm rather impressed with the Miss Institute in this regard -- and not only the Mises Institute.

"Why is it that the "left" always seem more entrepreneurial about philanthropic enterprise than the classical liberal or libertarian crowd?"

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I agree with puma shoes!

We need to have a "comment like a bot" day.

It is important to realize that Marx saw this as not all bad, the dynamic change of capitalism brought material gains unimagined by previous generations.

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