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By the way,

Why can't central planners dance?

Because they have a coordination problem!

*ba dum tish*

I'll let you use that one.

I hope I can remember to be on time. My internal equilibrium of plans is clouded by radical uncertainty.

Mario, is that the economics of time and ignorance thereof?

MUCH agreed:

"we are just putting the finishing touches on our introduction for Discovery, Capitalism, and Distributive Justice.  I think this is perhaps Kirzner's most underappreciated work, and I hope this edition will bring new attention to this work and its importance in Kirzner's body of work."

Look forward to being there.

Man, I wish I could take the week off and attend. I think my wife would kill me if I used my vacation time on economics though. Will all of the lectures be posted so that I can enjoy them on my commute?

I don't get vacation, so I had to take a week off from work, meaning no pay for a week, and my wife let me . . . :-)

See you there on monday. At present I'm enjoying the weak sun of southern california. I hope ."casual business attire" doesn't imply a jacket, otherwise I will have to lose some buck at Gap. :)

I'm interpreting it as slacks and a polo shirt.

Casual means polo shirt, shorts and crocs, right Pete? :)

There are no standards. Sigh.

If I may second Pete's comment that Kirzner's "Discovery, Capitalism, and Distributive Justice" is an outstanding work.

Shortly after the book was published, I wrote a review of it in the February 1990 issue of "Freedom Daily," published by the Future of Freedom Foundation.

The review may be accessed at:


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