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b3 reminds me of Bryan Caplan?
But, for obvious reasons (not being born), I wasn't there.


Next to you is Steve Thomsen. Next to him is I believe Thomas Mayer (historian and lawyer, might be wrong on that), next to him is Eugene Heath (philosopher)

Next to Ralph is Hannes Gissurarson (Iceland, political theory)

John Majewski (historian at UC Santa Barbara)

BTW, Ralph Raico was the seminar leader that summer and was absolutely FANTASTIC. And of course Leonard and Walter were (are) amazing. I think the IHS Summer _Residential_ program was a great experience.

The next year will include David Schmidtz, Rod Long, etc.


Bryan is too young for that picture.

Yeah, the 87 picture has both David and Rod in it. I knew the lower left was familiar and yeah it's John - who I just taught with at IHS a couple of summers ago. He looks like a high schooler there. :)


Yes, indeed he is. My bad; sorry.

t1: Esteban (Steve) Thomsen
m1: Hannes Gissurarson
b1: John Majewski
b 2 and 3 Arg! I can't remember their names. They were a couple, I believe.

This really brings back memories. I was at IHS then. What a great summer that way.

It's not Bryan. Darn, I forget his name! Great guy.

You guys must be going through the change-of-life -- all these trips down memory lane.

b3: David Boonin?

Would you rather we return to our regularly scheduled in-fighting Mario? :)

I am pretty sure the guy in the middle is Leonard Liggio!


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