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Excellent insight on the economists of the commission. Another, maybe older way of putting it is that these men lacked wisdom. They're obviously very intelligent and well educated, but without wisdom such men can do a lot of harm, more harm than less intelligent people with greater wisdom. Wisdom is hard to define but we know it when we see it, like beauty. One of its chief characteristics is a love of truth regardless of the consequences. Another is character.

Yes - that is exactly right.

I once heard an argument that post WWII economics was affected by the fact that most (many?) economists worked for the government regulating prices and/or solving various allocation algorithms. After the war they continued to apply these techniques. It is a nice story, and there are exceptions (Buchanan went to war and Stigler and Friedman who did work for the government were free-marketeers), is there any literature on this point? Has anyone else heard this explanation?

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