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Excellent Post. The author of the paper does an excellent job of: (1) explaining the congressional loopholes of the (1990?) budget act to ensure "pay as you go," (2) prescribing ways to close those loopholes, and (3) giving descriptive info. on the increase in supplemental spending.

What is missing, however, is the role of public opinion. Please note that I am certain that the paper could not examine every (social-legal-political-economic) aspect of our spendthrift government. But is it realistic to expect government to reduce supplementary spending when public opinion strongly supports nearly every component of government spending?

Yes, the problem is the politicians pander to public opinion. It's almost like we are slipping away into some kind of third world democracy day by day where politicos pay for votes and power by giving favors to groups of the electorate. Point given the gas tax holiday. While those offering it know it won't have any effect save for symbolic in the short term... and in the long term will have a negative effect on highway revenues. At the same time the guy who realizes this point... is made to look insensitive or elitist for stating the obvious. Meanwhile every group has their collective hands out to the government for their share of the great cheese handout... while we write our future generations into a sub-standard existence.

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