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It helps to have a realistic conception of democracy and the institutions and traditions that are required in addition to access to a ballot box. Mises as early as 1922 in his book on Socialism pointed out that democracy is just a method of changing government without a bloody revolution and Popper picked up this theme in a speech to the Mont Pelerin Society.

It also helps to appreciate how the key elements of the "Western miracle" of democratic capitalism were put in place before democracy.

And to realise the extent to which the extended franchise has resulted in the corruption of the system by the vote-buying motive. That is the rejoinder to people who think that crony capitalism represents any kind of criticism of the classical liberal agenda.

Statists and socialists have been incredibly fortunate in their ability to use the failures of anti-market policies as an argument against markets instead of the reverse. When people who were starving in Europe like Arthur Koestler heard about the burning of crops and the destruction of farm products during the New Deal, they thought that capitalism (represented by the US) had manifestly gone mad and Koestler was not the only one who stampeded into the communist movement (described in his autobiography, Arrow in the Blue).

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