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I suppose it is superflous to say that is a great lecture. On the Lange reforms in New Zealand, it is interesting that they were driven by the Finance Minister, Roger Douglas, giving rise to the term "Rogernomics" to describe a sweeping program of reform on as many fronts as possible. Strangely the leftwing PM Lange let him go, possibly because he was more interested in posing as a global statesman than paying attention to economic policy. The idea was that a series of reforms will mobilise many of the same opponents every time so you might as well do all the reforms at once. Sadly a vital piece of the reform jigsaw was missing - the labour market, which was left for years until the other party took over for a too-short period to consolidate the gains.

It probably helped that NZ has no states which eliminated a tier of government and permitted good reforms to be pushed from the centre without the kind of obstruction that we often get with the states of Australia and no doubt in the US.

By the way, it is bold to talk about NZ as the most beautiful place on earth until you have visited Tasmania. OK we have no glacier, we have no real mountain, not hot springs or volcanoes but we have lots of trees. And bridges.

Also the Tasmanian Treasury has been briefed on Austrian economics!

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