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James Farrell has taken up the pro-aid side of this debate on a good list where I also post from time to time.

Will flag this one on Catallaxy.

According to Tyler Cowen the Marshall Plan provided an early example of the failure of aid, without the usual excuses that are offered for the failures in the Third World.

Is the conference online?
a related post on Bauer;
From the Coffee House to the World Bank - Institutions and Development

If I'm allowed my own two bits - I'd favor the Bauer approach of abolition. Foreign aid is a wonderful thing, and I wholeheartedly endorse it's privatization through charities like the Red Cross. No answer's perfect, but for me the immediate issue is the one of theft. To worry directly about the problem of what the people need ignores the fact that people DO give money, especially WHEN it's needed, and also begs the question of why the population is unable to feed and support itself in the first place (an answer which I'm confident is in no small part found in the amount of food they import and accept as aid. I'm more or less following the arguement of Daniel Quinn, that the third-world population boom is the product of the first-world's food production and distribution plan.

And how to solve THAT problem I won't even venture a guess for the moment.

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